Marching Bands

A New Orleans Musical Heritage Highlight

New Orleans is a city steeped in musical heritage, and marching bands have always been a highlight of the Bacchus parade. 

Each year, we feature over thirty of the finest and most powerful marching bands seen anywhere in Mardi Gras .  Our bands are big, loud, and full of pure heart-pounding, foot-stomping, hand-clapping energy.

“Our goal is to treat the Bacchus spectator to a complete entertainment experience from start to finish”, explains Bacchus’ Marching Band Committee, “and music is a big part of the package.  We want to give our guests an unbeatable musical festival  and a spectacular parade all wrapped into one.  We recruit our own talent, so that we can hand pick the best bands for our parade.”

Over the past three decades of Bacchus parades, we have featured hundreds of marching bands including The Louisiana State University Tigers, The Southern University Jaguars, Saint Augustine’s Marching 100, Alcee Fortier, Warren Easton, McDonogh 35,  Sarah T. Reed, and Jesuit High Schools, just to name a few.